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DHYÃNAJEWELS is a trademark of ADHARA, a company based in Paris (FRANCE). Design, composition and manufacture of our jewelry is made ​​France. The precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, and other materials that you see in our collections are sorted and selected on the panel by ourselves.

Steeped in Buddhist philosophy and teachings of dharma, Buddhist malas models, styles of jewelry and ornaments from the Far East, our creation contuité reflect this philosophy.

Dhyana is for people to search for truth within, state of higher consciousness in Buddhist meditation. The state of dhyana (dhyana in Sanskrit, Pali jhana) is state of awareness, concentration, intense energy and joy.

Drawing on malas, our products are made ​​from semi-precious stones, silver, gold and diamonds. DHYÃNAJEWELS offers a journey between Howlite, agate, amethyst, hematite, rock crystal, onyx, standstone, obsidian, tiger's Oil ...... and many other stones.
All jewelry is assembled in our workshops with the utmost care.
The jewelry that we offer are manufactured in few copies, making it possible to offer our customers products almost unique and especially original